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Endpoints meet threats head on. This is the last line of defence & where most malware gets in. We are both the victim and the threat, yet need unhindered access and data. How?

Office 365 Protection

Wired directly into your tenant to protect against email born or file based threats on OneDrive. Variants available for On-Prem Exchange, IBM & Linux, all managed centrally.


Free yourself from those endless tasks. Get updates, protection management & tailored security advisories with recommendations for change as required.

Why us ?

We’ve over 20 years experience on the frontline in SMB, Enterprise and a variety of ‘special’ environments. Combined that with 30 years of ESET’s industry innovation and your company can too have and appropriate level of protection for todays always connected world. We understand trust is earnt so offer free trial licenses for a POC. We can assist in the early scoping phases if you choose, can provide just guidance or carry out full deployments with ongoing support and incident management as required.  Worldwide.

Protect all your users and resources without compromising speeds or workflow. Defend your networks, data, devices with a complete solution. Be prepared no matter the threat, both known and unknowns stopped dead with continual micro updates and payload detonations off site. AI and advanced heuristics detect new threats in-the-wild. Protection starts at UEFI boot and hypervisor layer, through FDE and up to the Cloud layer; with AI powered scanning and policy driven automation looped in. Our Managed Protection will free you from the endless tasks of checking system security status, handling security responses, endpoint remediation tasks & we provide recommendations for change to all managed customers.

Have true Global visibility and control across all assets. Complete OS status reporting and inventory with customisable notifications and dashboards. Remain informed of only the things you want to know, blow off the chaff. Control precious bandwidth with access rules and scheduling, blocking non-work related sites and resources. Defends against breaches with two-way firewalls and smart learning mode, it intelligently block threats without producing false positives or slowing workflow. Auto-Isolation of all endpoints that fail triage. Maintains an single open channel to the management console for remote remediation.

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