The Guardian Project
Safeguarding Futures

We're delivering corporate grade at fractional cost where needed most.

Drive down costs, elevate safety levels

What is the ' Guardian Project '

The Guardian Project is our way to provide support to the pillars of our community, the way we know best. We’re delivering the highest protection standards to all those that look after us; and we’re helping protect our next generations by mitigating as much digital risk as possible.

The partners we have chosen are of significance, advising UK Law enforcement on Cyber resilience (BRIM) and multi award winning, year on year for innovation, performance and protection.

The simple aim is to provide the highest level of safety & security, for a target of 10p per resource/user a day.
AND to provide Cloud Backup, Archive & GDPR Data management at a target rate as low as 15p per GB pcm.
We still have some work to do and everyone can help ! 

GDPR Compliance

For todays remote laptop users and to evident GDPR compliance - Full Disk Encryption - Data Search & Insights

user protection

Protection with Cloud management. Super charged & ultra lightweight - Next Gen Protection & Recovery

cloud protect

Office 365 made safer. Threat protection for email & storage. Any-Cloud-2-Any-Cloud Backup & DR

data protection

Cloud backup & data management. All in one solution with InstantRestore. Ransomware prevention and recovery

Rapid onboarding

Cloud first and event driven policy based solutions facilitate rapid deployment, protection & recovery

Auto Isolate

Dynamic threat defence, machine learning, LiveGrid, sandboxing, Ransomware shield and more

“ We're helping keep front-line, charity, non-profit & education; staff, volunteers, kids and their resources - safer now and into the future.
Enabling growth using technology is our mission - fear of the unknown challenges this. So we fixed it.... ”

How does it work ?

The challenges of current times have modified many organisations and their operations at a rate never seen before. This is true of large and small alike, even our huge global partners – who are likely 5 years ahead of production solutions – have had to accelerate or modify existing plans and strategies.

The results are flexibility, scalability and visibility. Using this and data modelling we’ve been able to predict and plan capacity like never before.

How can you help the project ?

We’ve got to hit targets. Plain and simple.

Onboard 1000 new Devices / Users under Malware Protection  

Protect 100 TB of additional data using our Data management suite

These targets are decoupled – if we hit one before the other, the relevant discounts are applied

ALL causes under the project. Everyone gets the same low rates.  

Under our Ward

As the worthy cause you' get automatic heavily discounted rates that will only ever decrease under the project. In the past we've hit walls but this project is our own. If you haven't qualified for Free Microsoft products that doesn't stop you with us. All new sign ups are reviewed by a human with actual empathy and not driven by profit. We've modelled to allow for every worthy cause to receive the 10p rates when we hit our goals.

As a Business

Simply sign up below and we'll do the rest. By joining for a year or more, we'll transfer a percentage of the value ( at no cost to you) to our license gift pool, allocated to a preferred cause of your choice. Note though we can't force anyone to join us, obviouly. Under those conditions the license get returned to the pool but tagged for a similar cause. You joining also goes toward target totals for the entire project, bringing the costs down. Win Win !

As Joe Public

As a parent, a teacher, a concerned citizen, a person able and willing too, you can join in with our project. Recommend a cause, a group in need, an IT manager that feels the strain and serves in unseen ways. We don't discriminate and in general can be an ear to hear or a brain to bounce off. We are all about helping each other which is probably why we're no profit spinner. We're fine with that!

Learn what our trusted clients and partners say

“They fix pain points in what felt like seconds compared to how long they'd bugged us for. It all cost less than we'd been quoted too. With Tech Tactics we get freedom and need no effort on our part. We wish we found them years ago ”
Donna Range, STRIC
"We weren't aware we'd even experienced a problem, let alone half the estate went offline. When the incident report came through we could clearly see, recovery using the old system would have been impossible ! "
Barbara Foulks, STREAL
“Our technology use has increased exponentially and become more complex than ever. Life has become easier though by using the right team & the right tools. Thank you all at Tech Tactics.”
Clara Perez, BENTIC

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