SINCE 2009

Born in hard times

Starting up in 2009 out of necessity, we have innovated, modified & streamlined technology and operations for a multitude of businesses. We enhance and never hinder - if someone says you can't - we challenge it, if someone decrees it isn't broken - we provide evidence where change is required. From behind the scene we assist your entire organisation.
We've a self confessed & stereotypical Geek (which he loathes but acknowledges) running the show. As a result solution elegance is more valid than an healthy profit margins. We give all our clients a 'Precise' not 'Premium' service!
We do this for the satisfaction of achievement.

String the bow

Starting the Microsoft certification path back on Server 2000 and forever learning engrains innovative abstraction. For 20 years or more, our staff have carried out countless migration; through literally thousands of software transitions & hardware refreshes. Not to mention evolutions of or even divergences in technology.
We've consistently delivered quality solutions, at scale, to countless organisations and end users for over a decade. Its what we do ! MS certifications, Applied Hacking, VoIP, Security vendors, much you can't certify & a Certified Geek at the helm.

Adapt & Survive

We like others have adapted given recent times and we've helped many others do this safely and rapidly. What was supposed to be only stop gap has become the norm, but using older & unsupported technology is a significant risk.
All the same rules & reg's apply with regards to user need, data safety and protection, but now with the complexity of it all being remote. It still needs backing up, management & control.
Our experience is yours to utilise. We've been linking sites and users securely for years, its not new to us. Some new technologies appears to have dropped out of the sky. Beware all that appears Magic, or Cheap. No free lunches exist.

Fear no change or the Technology !
Let our Security, DR & Managed services offerings crush Fear Uncertainty & Doubt. It's what we do...

Phil H - lead
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