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Data - the exponential tower block

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We’re all bored of incomprehensible pricing structures, hidden charges for getting at your data and still yet more storage is needed every day – then there’s GDPR on top. How do we budget for & handle this ?? Just use us. 1 x 1 = 1


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Besides being used by 40,000+ global customers already and restoring 100 million+ items a year, there’s the 99.999% availability, 24/7 support and extensive knowledgebase. Self service or Managed options to suit

data your way

Cloud Backup, Archive & Data handling. Single solution - Ransom safe

Rapid restore

InstantData™ - Like Netflix on juice. Data recovery - no buffering

Lower TCO

Only pay for what you see. Server size = Cost. No increment No rollups

GDPR Compliant

Discover, search and action the entirety of your data estate with data-driven intelligence.

multi user roles

Grant access at granular level. RBAC super charge, full flexability - Next Gen for todays world.

cloud native

Vendor agnostic Cloud Backup & Restore. Anywhere to Anywhere. Golden Migration tool.

Learn the easy way.......

Microsoft does not backup your 365 or Azure data. Nor does Google for workspace or Xero your Accounts data.

Without a separate backup strategy for 3rd party services, you risk losing data if :
An employee has deleted data in error or imported transactions incorrectly.
An app you’ve trailed has pushed unwanted data into records or drastically altered data.
A disgruntled employee wreaking havoc, deleting files & sabotaging data as they exit


20+ years of innovation

Our strategic partners are UK born, like us, but with a global footprint and presence on every continent. ISO certified to 9001, 27001 & 22301. National members of UK CRC (Cyber Resilience Centre) and BRIM advocates. Connected to LINX peering fabric with 20+ independent carriers on-site. On-Net connectivity to 130 data centres with over 1000 network presence points. 

Any File on-demand

Pioneering InstantData™ technology uniquely live streams any of your data directly back to you. The bespoke Kernel driver intelligently intercepts file (or stub) read requests and effectively ‘Plays’ them back to you whilst background rehydration occurs. Archive function also aids server migration, reducing storage footprint before transfer. Rehydrate on-demand. 

Legacy solutions are expensive

Deployed and configured in under 15 minutes, data handling pains are a thing of the past. Archives accessible, local storage needs smaller, planning simpler. Liberate your organisation with a centralised data management solution that’s more secure than on-premise, multi-user and role, full visibility for GDPR, scales seamlessly as it helps you grow with your data usage.

you are in battle hardened hands

Set yourself free.
Go Forward fearlessly

Looking to analyse costs?

We Believe In service - above & beyond

Because were not aiming to offer our Managed solutions to big corporates directly, we can focus attention on those that need a bit extra from us. When you have in-house IT, its easy DIY, though we have options too.

Absolute flexibility

For when regulation, policy, standards or simply a board member demands it, we've the solution that ticks all boxes. Multi-tenant, multi-site, multi-user, multi-tier - Single Solution with single price model

Cloud Archiving

The Miracle Cure For Bloated Servers

ZERO additional cost !

Built into the Core of the software are the data retrieval functions, powered by InstantData™, the pioneering Instant streaming technology that sets our solution apart. Any data you choose to archive can be retrieved as a stream of data, instantly, on demand. This instantaneous file access is achieved by utilising the bespoke kernel driver, which interrupts reads requests as required, transparently to users. It truly is a wonder to see. Get in touch for a trial, live demo or more information. 

data on-demand

Zero added costs.
Zero egress fees.
Zero queuing.

Rapid restore

Re-hydrate on-Demand.
No buffering

cut disk costs

Remove the need for disks or array expansion completely & forever

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So What's the USP? what do We get?

Familiarity, under pressure, in Any Disaster situation


Advantages, Calculators & Apps

Change your thinking

With a simple shift of perspective we can achieve multiple goals simultaneously.

THE EASY WAY – Our Solution

   GB’s of data @ £0.xx pcm
+ Capex £0 
+ Annual fees £0 
+ GDPR compliance solution £0 
+ Cloud Archive & data management £0 

= Predictable price – No trickiness


   Local resources cost – temp storage, cores & ram
remote storage cost inc increments and rollup
+ main software license costs per processor
+ license cost per agent, add-on or plugin eg. Exchange
+ server OS license cost, remote & local
ancillary software license costs eg. MSSQL
bandwidth costs
est. data growth @30% year on year
+ annual fees on all and anything
+ a GDPR management solution

Wild and unwieldy – High Capex & management cost

Instantly with

Stream your data instantly on-demand.
Full system restores are prioritised & accessible by users during recovery

As the names suggests Disaster Recovery is to plan for Disaster. Full data loss, all operations offline.

Cost is calculated thusly – Turnover PA / Downtime. So to get per second cost rate you divide Turnover by 31,536,000 ish. You can obviously use this at an Org unit level as well. 

Your issue is your bottle neck. You can rob Peter to pay Paul – Bandwidth Throttling for minimal overall gain because you forfeit Peter’s productivity. You could pay for more Pipe, which can help, however this is at significant Capex & ongoing cost. You can use SD/WAN accelerators, on already heavily compressed data. 

Any of these additional cost should be factored into alternative solutions. 

Not Ours !

By simply activating the Archive feature on your chosen folder, any data dormant for over for example 6 months, can be syphoned off & out of expensive primary storage. Any server eating disks can be freed up in a heartbeat, without any additional cost This keeps servers lightweight, improves density on hardware and reduces ROT consuming precious primary storage.

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    Why backup your cloud data ?

    Because 1. all the providers tell you to and 2. it makes sense to. They do not; and without reading everything cannot, take responsibility for your ‘data’. Cloud services are built on a shared responsibility model, but always, the data and your organisations use of it on said platform(s), is solely your responsibility. See below :

    Humans are your number one risk factor, accidents do and will happen, 3rd Party applications can wreak havoc as well so ensuring you have a known safe state, isolated away from the provider, is a key strategic and sovereignty measure.

    Microsoft' Service Agreement

    Google's Terms

    This one is a bit of a grey area  but we believe this is the relevant clause

    Xero's Legal Terms

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