Superior Technology, Solutions & Service.

Industry leading backup, DR & cloud archive service.
Multi-layered and fully managed security solutions.
Email protection, provisioning and monitoring.
Cloud layer, physical & virtual server management.
Network data, voice and connectivity solutions.
Web hosting, web servers, SSL, DNS and more.

Superior Technology, Solutions & Service.

Business Services

Backup & DR service

The single system that ensures data survival and continued operations.
Priority 1 - no matter your sector!

Security Solutions

Security is an ethos and doesn't start or end, it adapts. We are both threat and victim - Zero Trust Security model

Managed IT

Operate with confidence, safely and efficiently. Corporate grade IT service without in-house staff or CapEx costs

IT Support & Consult

Support, project work & advice. Migrate, Refine, Enhance & Improve. Recover, Resolve & Rebuild.

Network & Voice

Telecom & network services plus more. Multi award winning solutions. Integrate voice with Office 365

Hardware (or Not?)

Put off CapEx with Cloud Archiving?
Direct delivered bare metal, with an OS only or workloads ready. Up2U

Backup & Disaster Recovery

End downtime – Restore data easily & INSTANTLY from everywhere to anywhere. Cut primary storage costs by archiving to the cloud while maintaining immediate access to all your data – OOTB.

Microsoft 365 data protection, directly from cloud to cloud. Protect OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange & Teams data, in minutes.

Compliance built-in. Centralised, searchable & auditable data from all backup sources. GDPR worries are now a thing of the past.

This is Backup – but not as you’ve know it !

Security Solutions

Best in class solutions from only the top performing vendors. Hardware and software to suit your size, needs and regulatory requirements.

Protect your business assets, your people & your services from threats, no matter the vector. Better still go hands off where we manage it for you.

Production ready, policy driven, advanced protection systems with customised automation. Self healing risk mitigation, endpoint isolation, process analysis AI & cloud sandboxing. FDE & multi factor Encryption options

Office 365 protection for Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Hybrid support for on-prem Exchange; mail protection for IBM Domino & Linux/FreeBSD. File Service protection for Window, Linux & Azure. 

Fully Managed IT

The lightest of touches to a full IT department, we’re here to help. We eat technical challenges for breakfast – literally – our day starts with overnight alerts technical analysis !  

Forever forward thinking we help map your technology pathway in alignment with your organisations growth and future plans.

The technologies we call upon and our diverse technical teams drive operating standards up, which improves users daily working experience. Productivity, efficiency and general happiness improve across the board as a result. Hidden ROI’s are everywhere.  

Let us manage what we know, whilst you manage your business. 

Don’t let Tech stress you or your people out. 

IT Support & Consultancy

So many moving parts constitute ‘ IT ‘ and a majority of daily operations in a typical organisation are dependant on them. Knowing how all work together is a big ask but often required to ensure you don’t introduce vulnerabilities during configuration, break dependencies during modifications or down services during maintenance. 

More often than not, simply asking the right questions can be half the battle. We come at technology from the users perspective and often deliver solutions in a completely different way to ‘assumed’. Even a simple ‘ lift and shift ‘ has network, security and potentially org wide pre-requisite requirements that could, if not assessed correctly, cause a cascade of failures across multiple services simultaneously. Not good.

Don’t hit and hope. Chances are high that we’ve been there, we’ve done that and that we’ll continue to push the boundaries to understand limitations; so you don’t have too ( at potentially great cost ! )

Network & Voice

VoIP with CTI? 15 years ago we started delivering that ol’ chestnut over private MPLS & BVPN networks. Now days we delete call costs and save ££££’s. Things keep on moving, we keep on adapting, integrating more, offering more and saving you more. 

Any telecom or network service is available through us and our strategic partner network. We designed to meet requirement but with total flexibility for future growth.

Integrated voice services with Office 365. SIP trunking, ultra low call rates & BT monopoly crushing by design. 

Hardware or Alternatives

Again we partner with only trusted Global vendors to guarantee you a solid foundation for all IT operations built on top. Its just logical

Direct delivered ‘tin’ only or with an OS & fully ready for workloads – better still – Cloud native alternatives. Builds in Azure or maybe a scalable & cost effective PaaS? Do you really need a server?

We LISTEN first, then we can spec accordingly, with future proofing and configuration to best practice methods, not just a way that has some function. Proper vs Premium, there is a difference.  

Web Services

cPanel, plesk & Servers

Web hosting with 1-click install for over 100 web apps. PHP, MySQL, FTP or ASP on Plesk. For more advanced users

Managed WordPress

WordPress hosting with zero maintenance. Backed up, with SSL, malware scanning & staging.


Critical systems for operational success. Protected and service delivery without compromise.

cPanel, plesk & Servers

Advanced solutions, with simple and flexible management. Built for use with any custom business requirements

cPanel Hosting that’s easy, reliable and lightning-fast or Plesk Windows web hosting – perfect for those who use ASP.NET, ASP or SQL Server. One-click installs. Easy to use.

Full root access to grow at your own speed. All have SSD storage as standard. Self managed or Fully-Managed packages. Linux or Windows OS.​ 1 GB – 32 GB ram

Get full power with Dedicated Server hosting. Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC, 4 – 16 cores, up to 256GB DDR4, HDD or SSD, Raid 1. Self manage or a Fully managed with dedicated team. 

Looking for WordPress hosting with no server maintenance? Complete solutions for all your website needs. See all offers for dedicated WordPress and hassle free hosting.

WebSec, DNS, SSL & more

Keep your data safe while you grow your business online with Web service bolt-on’s & Security Modules

DNS registration, transfer & management.
Automatic backup & one-click restores – always be ready. 
SEO services & Email marketing campaigns.

The language of security – SSL certificates. The little green lock, wildcards and even Code signing – proof beyond words

Malware scanning and guaranteed removal should anything be detected. Blacklist monitoring with WAF, CDN options.
FIX MY BREACH service – 30 minute response time.

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